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The truffle between nature and culture. Conference in Alba

At the start of the truffle harvesting season, the International Conference 'The truffle between nature and culture is held in Alba. Past, present and future of a multipurpose resource '.

The event takes place from 22 to 24 September in via Cavour 4 (Palazzo Banca d'Alba) and at the Castle of Grinzane Cavour and is coordinated by Professor Irma Naso, who chairs the CeSA Study Center for the history of food and culture material.

Truffle, a delight for the wealthy

The truffles 'delights are canteens', wrote the Turin academic Giovanni Bernardo Vigo in a Latin poem published in Turin in 1776: tubera terrae, drawn from the deep womb of the earth 'where she feeds them, and hides them', they arrive on the rich and sumptuous tables'with luxury set'to cheer the lavish banquets.

A flood of expressions that connote the odorous underground mushroom as a precious and sought-after product, accessible only to wealthy people.

A product of excellence

History and tradition they perpetuate its image as a product of excellence and a symbol of the gastronomy of many areas of the peninsula: starting from the highly suitable area of ​​Langhe, Roero and Monferrato.

Beyond its use at the table, characterized by the classic ritual that helps to enhance its myth, the truffle it represents a multifaceted resource with unconventional aspects and much less known outside the circle of experts.

The truffle beyond stereotypes

The conference It is no coincidence that the international event takes place coinciding with the opening of the season for the search and quarrying of truffles: a traditional practice that unites men, dogs, trees and territories, recently included by Unesco among the intangible cultural assets to be protected.

Scholars and academics high profile were invited to trace an unpublished history of the truffle, beyond stereotypes. And to talk about perspectives, practices, symbolic representations, languages, regulations, economic repercussions around the truffle, starting with food and wine tourism, but not only.


Leading scientists will reveal thatinvisible world below us', which lives in symbiosis with the roots of many higher plants. A hidden life to be safeguarded and enhanced with a view to biodiversity, to increase the resilience of woods and forests in the presence of climate change, extreme events and parasites: because the relationships existing in the rhizosphere are essential for the health of trees, which is in turn essential for the balance and future of the planet.

The is described in this playbill.

How to participate

Access the conference venues are free, but registration is recommended https://centrostudicesa.org/2022/07/22/tartufo/

The event he is also sponsored by the Turin Academy of Medicine.

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