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Natural mineral water, a source of well-being

With natural mineral water usually, in common parlance, it refers to the smooth type, without bubbles. In reality this is the denomination that includes all varieties, including those carbonated e slightly effervescent, which make up the rich Italian spring heritage.

The Italian and EU legislation defines it as of underground and protected origin, bacteriologically pure at the origin, with a constant composition and characteristics, with possible favorable effects for health, bottled in the place from which it originates in safe and controlled containers. It is forbidden to intervene with any kind of restorative treatment, whether purification or filtering.

The Italian bottles contain unique and inimitable waters. Each has its own hydrogeological history, a taste and peculiar properties resulting from the content of minerals present, exactly identical to that of the fluid that flows from the source. To distinguish them, they are classified on the basis of the fixed residue into minimally mineralized, low-mineral and medium-mineralized.

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