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Extra virgin olive oil calories

Extra virgin olive oil, healthy calories

The healthy extra virgin olive oil has 9,5 Calories every gram. Using it as a condiment for all meals, we can assume a daily consumption of 40-60 g, equal to 400-600 kcal, of the 2.000-3.000 suggested on average as an energy intake suitable for a healthy adult.

Compared to other condiments, the prince of the Italian table does not fear comparisons. What makes it so are the beneficial properties for health. Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, it is considered a useful food in the fight against cardiovascular diseases and an ally for the well-being of the intestine, thanks to its emollient and mildly laxative effect.

Oil, better extra virgin, in the diet is also the recommendation of nutritionists. Not necessarily extra virgin, however, olive oil is also the best choice for frying. Its characteristics make it very resistant to the high temperatures necessary for this cooking method, which with other oils (except peanut oil) can cause an alteration of the fat, making it toxic.

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