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Bottled mineral water, the virtuous way

To consume mineral water packaged bottled, without pouring it into jugs, ensures the full maintenance of all the characteristics of the liquid, first of all the microbiological purity. All the containers used for bottling at the source are in fact designed to preserve the quality of the water.

There are few references on the market of mineral water sealed in the glass bottle. The reason is that this material, the best food container, is fragile and heavy. Therefore not very suitable to be transported. Except for a modest portion in coupled cardboard (CA), the choice of the ideal packaging has elected PET (polyethylene terephthalate), the most suitable result, thanks to its properties of safety, resistance, manageability and transparency. In terms of environmental sustainability, PET is completely recyclable. In 2010, a step forward was taken with the adoption of recycled PET bottles, which guarantees the same ideal conditions for product conservation, thus saving resources.

A further exemplary decision taken by Italian natural water companies is the reduction of road transport, to favor rail transport, which has less impact on the environment, with extremely low CO2 quotas.

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