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Aromatic herbs: rosemary, scent of roast

Among herbs most used in Italian recipes a prominent place belongs to Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis). This evergreen shrub can grow to a large size, but it can very well be grown in pots if you choose the right variety in a garden that specializes in herbs and aromatic plants.

The term Rosemary has a Latin origin, it means "sea dew", and is due to the particular aptitude of this plant to grow spontaneously near the sea and above all to the appearance of the flowers, which remotely resemble the drops of frost. Very fragrant, its smell recalls that of incense and, culinarily speaking, that of roasts.

Like many aromatic herbs, Rosemary needs little water. It has small dark green leaves accompanied by small flowers of different colors depending on the type (pink, light blue, blue, gray-green). It is the essential condiment of many meat and fish dishes, but it is also used to flavor sauces and soups, the twigs can be collected when needed.

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