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Types of mineral water

Types of mineral water suitable for all tastes

The various types of mineral water natural are classified on the basis of the preponderant quantity of one of the predominant mineral salts. 10 types are defined, each with specific beneficial functions for the body. Bicarbonates, with bicarbonate higher than 600 mg / l, have an anti-inflammatory, digestive and antispastic function.

The sulphated waters, with sulphates over 200 mg / l, slightly laxative and anti-inflammatory, are indicated in diseases of the digestive system and biliary tract. Those chlorinated, with 201 mg / l chlorides, increase intestinal peristalsis and secretions, and calcium (calcium over 150 mg / l) are useful in pregnancy and growth, as well as in the prevention of osteoporosis and hypertension.

A presence of magnesium over 50 mg / l qualifies the magnesium, good against stress and constipation, and a fluoride level of 1 mg / l (fluorinated types) is useful for preventing tooth decay and bone decalcification. With regard to the sodium content, below 20 mg / l are placed the types indicated in the diet hyposodiumThe list of the different types of natural water is completed by ferruginous (with bivalent iron) and acidulous (free carbon dioxide over 250 mg / l), respectively suitable in anemia and gastropathies.

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