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The International Chewing Gum Association (ICGA), a global body representing the world’s top producers, will be gathering for a symposium on Thursday May 23 in the town of Baveno on the shores of Lake Maggiore in northern Italy. Presented by family-owned Italian chewing gum manufacturer Perfetti Van Melle, the world’s third largest producer after Mars-Wrigley and Kraft-Mondelez, and before Jaspan’s Lotte Group at number four. The event will include the participation of industry representatives and journalists from five continents, with press interest coming from as far as China Daily. The meeting will cover pressing issues such as the latest legislative developments regarding food safety, health claims, labelling and consumer information on chewing gum. Perfetti Van Melle, currently under the direction of CEO Ubaldo Traldi, was Italy’s first chewing gum maker, starting just after the end of the Second World War. The company quickly dominated the domestic chewing gum market, and it reached a 90% share with its Brooklyn brand in 1969. Perfetti Van Melle now has production facilities in 30 countries, and sells its products in 150 markets.

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