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Tuscan Tradition and Quality

The goal is to make Tuscany an enormous Food Valley, both in terms of production and consumption. As a part of the framework of this long-term project the International Centre for Strengthening Agri-Food Products and Quality was presented officially during the Rural Expo event, which was held in Florence from September 12th to 15th.

Promoted by the Region of Tuscany, the body will work across the board on food quality themes from the terrain to the table, and will resemble an association in form. Founders include three universities located in Tuscany, the National Research Council, the St. Anna School, in addition to farming organisations. The initiative is aimed at contributing to the creation of a culture of food that respects the environment and people’s health, essential characteristics for a territory that aspires to consider itself a Food Valley extending from the territories of Massa to Grossetto, and Livorno to Arezzo.

From olive oil to local wool, from protecting chestnuts to cheese and dairy production, as well as pastures for beef, the projects look closely at the sustainability of production processes, and keeping agriculture alive in economic, social and cultural terms. All striclty DOC Made in Tuscany.

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