Hometagliatelle recipe

tagliatelle recipe

Tagliatelle recipe, a traditional flavor

We trace the original tagliatelle recipe to the city of Bologna, where the homogeneous fresh pasta already described in the first century BC, by Horace and Cicero, is cut to look like the hair of the beautiful guest Lucrezia Borgia. Of all the Italian pasta types, to realize the true recipe for tagliatelle Bolognese it is necessary to use materials that are fresh,  free of additives and not genetically modified. Only then can the authentic taste manifested itself in the recipe.

Tagliatelle pasta are generally made fresh, the texture is porous and rough, ideal for rich sauces, delicate on the palate but thick enough not to be gooey and break easily, they need fresh and quality ingredients and so it is always advisable to check the plant of origin, giving an obvious priority to the brands from Italy.

If you prefer fresh “homemade” types of pasta (and it does not matter if you do not have a machine to roll out the dough), mix each ingredient of the recipe well and carefully prepare the pasta. Tagliatelle require few (1st class) elements: fresh eggs, wheat flour, salt. If you want to experience a different recipe (colorful for example) you can use other types of flours (chestnut or black buckwheat thus without gluten) or fresh foods (spinach and hot peppers are a classic).

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