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Eco-sustainability is getting sweeter. “Evergreen – the sustainable sweetness of being” is the motto of the international chocolate exhibition Eurochocolate 2013, which will be held in Perugia from October 18 to 27 later this year. This chocolate-dedicated event will also celebrate its first 20 years with a major shift towards safeguarding the environment, which it will achieve through a series of concrete measures. For example, premises will be more eco-friendly, and will be equipped with different canisters to encourage the recycling of plastic, metal and paper, as well as the printing of documents in Ecofont, designed to cut ink use by 20%. Succulent plants and drinking-water dispensers complete the picture. The “green” footprint will require collaboration, above all in terms of transportation, which represents 13.1% of greenhouse gas emissions. To make a contribution, every Friday workers will organise themselves into groups of 3-4 people for a ride-sharing programme, with the role of public transport and trains also seeing a privileged role. To continue to leave its mark, a tree will be planted in the Sibillini Mountains for every edition of Eurochocolate and its sister events.

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