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Reporting the Carbon Footprint

Luciana Mosconi now communicates the carbon footprint for its tagliatelle pasta. At the conclusion of a project started in 2012 with the Italian Ministry for the Environment to calculate and reduce environmental impact in production, specifically CO2, the Marche region’s B&G group, leader in the fresh egg pasta in Italy, is ready to launch the next phase.

The label for Luciana Mosconi pasta demonstrates the lengths that have been taken, showing how greenhouse gas emissions from today forward in tagliatelle production will be compensated for through the purchase of carbon credits to help Zimbabwe, a country afflicted by high levels of deforestation and drought.

“We are particularly proud of the important objective reached, because it is a factor that distinguishes us from the competition with consumers becoming more sensitive to the environmental value of their food choices”, stated group CEO Marcello Pennazzi.

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