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Recognition from Brazilian Market

Italian packaging technology has scored a new success. The labelling machine with “Adhesleeve” technology by Mantova based P.E. Labellers has permitted its first Brazilian client Spaipa to win the “Grandes Cases de Embalagem 2013” award.

The company’s technology, which sits at the forefront globally, allows for lower costs and environmental impact in production thanks to the “cold” labelling of bottles, allowing the finished packaging to be totally recyclable. The system, compared to hot gluing systems, guarantees savings of 70% in electricity consumption, the elimination of solvents, and a 75% reduction in blow tape leading to even less energy consumption.

The miracle of Italian labelling has allowed for a 28% increase in production efficiency for the South American bottling giant (over 2.5 billion bottles in 2010), recently acquired by Coca-Cola Femsa Mexico.

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