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According to expert forecasts, the 2013 Italian olive oil production season will be rich and abundant, with official estimates reaching between 330,000 tns and 350,000tns in total volume. The region of Puglia deserves particular recognition, producing as much as 180,000 tns alone in the areas concentrated around Bari and Gargano, ensuring the production of large quantities of extra virgin olive oil of generally high quality.

The northern part of the region of Calabria will also be able to count on a strong offer of superior quality oil, while the production level in Sicily should remain stable and relevant. As for central and northern Italy, a jump of 15-20% is expected compared to last year. Sardinia should surpass 10,000 tns, and Tuscany should come in with 15,000. Predicted levels for some Apennine zones in the center of country are less enthusiastic.

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