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Italy figures among the countries which stand to benefit from the 27.5 million euros in funding allocated by the European Union for co-financing the last group of 14 informational and promotional projects for agricultural products. The final destination of the funding includes sponsoring campaigns, advertising and trade shows to promote fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, oil, DOP and IGP products, in addition to the new STG guaranteed traditional product certification.The uses the European Union funding include promotional activities both at home and abroad to boost demand for these food products. The equivalent of 50% of the cost of this promotional activity will be covered by the European Union, with the remaining half left to industry associations and the governments wishing to push their products.In order to gain access to the economic support offered by the European Union, interested parties will have to submit their promotional programs to member states. These in turn will present the list of those products that have been selected to the European Commission, which will evaluate and decide whether each product meets the requirements to benefit from funding.

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