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Marked Growth in Production

With a volume of more than 45 million hectoliters, Italy is the world’s number one wine producer in 2013. The leadership is confirmed in data from the International Organisation of Vine and Wine, which sees the Italy overtake France (44mln/h) and Spain, in third place with a production increase of 23%. At the global level, there has been a growth in production volumes, a decrease in cultivated areas, and stable demand.

The most significant boost for Italy is in the value of exports: +7% since 2012, and the best performance among the three big producing countries. According to some forecasts, Italian wine could break the 5 billion euro mark this year. As for trade, there are five primary importers (the USA, UK, Germany, Canada and China) worth over a billion euros, with Japan Poland, Lithuania and Australia seeing the largest growth rates.

“Italian wine is over-performing in the global market”, explains Winemonitor.it, “in the sense that over the last five years our products have earned more than 30% compared to the total amount of wine imported in the most important markets”.

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