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Magritte as Inspiration

This is an apple. The new Plasmon advertising campaign for the Sapori di Natura (“Tastes of Nature”) baby food alludes to one of the most famous artworks by Belgian surrealist René Magritte. The new product line rests on an all-natural base of fruit, meat and fish. Founded in 1902, the leader of Italy’s childhood nutrition segment was acquired by the Heinz Group in 1963. Thanks to a business model which considers the relevance of its home market, Plasmon products are still 100% Italian. The company has also been running the Plasmon OASIS project since 1981. It is a certification framework which goes though the ISO, and is applied to the entire production process in order to guarantee the highest level of quality. Plasmon’s image has always been an important part of its success, and the new advertisements make no exception with a clear reference to Magritte’s La Trahison Des Images.

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