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Italian Food, Recipes for Happy Eating

Now more than ever before the success of Italian food, famous for its high quality and universally recognized excellence, is experiencing remarkable growth due to globalization. The rapid spread of knowledge and demand for types of Italian food can only be satisfied using a communication platform that collects enormous amounts of information and makes it available to people across the globe.

The web is the only tool that can do this on such a scale, so GIFT brings the country’s finest food to consumers and enthusiasts wherever they are in order to satisfy curiosity, and provide the ingredients for authentic Italian recipes. This kind of visibility for the products featured benefits a community that speaks seven languages, and this is set to broaden.

Italy’s spectacular food tradition has finally found the ideal showcase to bring the best of what it offers to the world. These specialties, their history and territories of origin are now ready to unfold for anyone who wants or needs to know. Join us as we expand your culinary conscience!

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