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Chinese New Year Food and The Italian Culinary Tradition

Everything is ready for Chinese New Year 2014, and food is sure to play a big part in the festivities. The Year of the Horse officially begins on January 31st, and in Italy it will be the perfect occasion for Italian gastronomy to unveil its magic to the local Chinese community.

The holiday is celebrated for 10 days, and beyond China, communities spread throughout the world honor their traditions in an increasingly international context. There are many typical recipes based on ancient Chinese customs like making pasta with family. As in many parts of Italy, preparing pastas like ravioli, gnocchi and tagliatelle is a social phenomenon more than a culinary one. These are also ideal for a cross-cultural integration of foods from the two countries.

Other dishes include fish with garlic and ginger, in addition to lots of fruit and vegetables, in particular oranges, mandarins and grapefruit, all of which bring good luck.

As for desserts, chocolate is becoming popular, and Italian chocolates are already widespread. And to drink a toast? Tradition calls for red wines and liquor, better with fortune bringing crimson and gold labels. It is a unique moment for a great vintage wine, or a golden Prosecco. Here’s to the best in the year to come!

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