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Canton Fair 2014, Presentation of the 115th Edition

Canton Fair 2014, the historic international showcase in Guangzhou, is scheduled this year from May 1st to 5th. The event was presented on January 17th in Milan by Wang Zhiping, the director general of the China Foreign Trade Centre, the government agency that works on behalf of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

Divided into two annual sessions in winter and spring, it is the largest and oldest show in China dedicated to import and export, with the first edition dating back to 1957. For businesses that operate in global markets interested in exporting to China it is the most effective channel, and will be attended by representatives that cross industries and national borders.

For an idea of the event’s size it is enough to consider that the last session in November 2013 took place in an exhibition area of over a million square meters, with nearly 60,000 stands and the participation of 24,500 companies from all over the world.

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