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Aquaculture, FAO Looks to Sustainability

Sustainable aquaculture is one of the key solutions for providing much needed protein to the world’s growing population, considering the constant erosion of natural resources and fish stocks. The issue is becoming more important every single day.

In June 2014, the FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Advisory Commission is scheduled to ratify the GAAP agreement in Rome after the signing of over 50 countries in St. Petersburg in late 2013. The Global Aquaculture Advancement Partnership – shared among governments, UN organizations, NGOs and private parties – aims to define sustainable paths to meet increasing international demand for fish.

Currently, aquaculture supplies 63 million tons of fish, about half of demand worldwide. Annual growth of 6.1% risks collapse with devastating impact on food requirements. To prevent this, GAAP is looking for ways to resolve the critical points of water and soil scarcity, as well as promoting sustainable aquaculture in order to protect aquatic life and biodiversity.

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