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An Encyclopaedia of Food

The father of molecular cuisine, world famous chef Ferran Adrià, has unveiled BulliPedia, the online encyclopaedia aimed at sharing lessons from his long career. Already in 2011, Adrià began the dematerialization of his art, with the decision to close the elBulli restaurant in Spain to set up a research foundation into creative cooking.

According to the Guardian, three and a half years later Adrià’s visionary project is taking shape. Just recently the final round of selection for the candidate applications for Bullipedia has come to a close. It is the first step for a platform that hopes to collect, analyze and spread knowledge through food preparation techniques, primarily the pioneering molecular cuisine of Adrià himself.

The University of Barcelona is collaborating with the elBulli team for the creation of the database, while the Spanish telecommunications giant Telefonica will organize the availability of the contents.

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