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As a part of “Apertamente”, organised by the Italian Food Industry Federation and the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, Gorgonzola producers Marco and Chiara Gelmini commented on the market for this popular DOP cheese stating “in Italy Gorgonzola moved about 500 million euros in 2011, with output topping 4 million moulds, equal to roughly 50 million kilograms.”
Gorgonzola has always met with success and this trend shows no sign of weakening, particularly in France, Switzerland and Great Britain, where even Churchill made sure that the town was marked on maps so British bombers would spare the place where his favourite cheese was made.
Gorgonzola DOP is Italy’s third most important cheese in terms of production and sales volumes after Gran Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano, as well as one of the world’s most imitated. Gorgonzola has resisted the crisis by holding market share in Italy, where over the past four years consumption has increased at a rate of 0.5%, and abroad, where exports have seen double digit growth at 12%. Evidently, it is catering to the tastes of a wider audience.
Gorgonzola 5 Stelle, say the Gelmini siblings, who continue a family business founded in 1880, “is well-liked because it offers the maximum in genuineness.”

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