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The ViviVerde Example

Natural cosmetics and organic products that are at least equal to their conventional counterparts make up Coop Italia’s ViviVerde line, which was awarded at WiGreen, the first international sustainability forum. The 300 foods featured are all organic, from fresh to packaged products respecting European standards, boasting the absence of tropical plant fats and favours.
The 130 non-food products showcased by ViviVerde demonstrated the same level of care, as their ecologic footprints and certification from Ecolabel confirm. Prime examples include product refills and bulk detergents, useful for reducing waste and boosting recycling. Products included entirely biodegradable and compostable plates and cups made of Pla Ingeo, filtered pitchers to encourage zero-kilometre domestic water consumption, a range of recycled-paper stationary, as well as bags for separating organic rubbish manufactured in Mater-B, ideal for treatment in composting facilities.
ViviVerde’s line of natural cosmetics also showed themselves to be innovative and performance driven, all with organically produced vegetable ingredients, and free from petrol derivatives such as paraffin and silicon.

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