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Italian Food Business Means Quality

GIFT serves up the Italian food business to the world, giving its local and foreign partners the possibility to boost visibility, as well as benefit from a series of other advantages for unique products and ancillary industries, all targeted to a select group of sector operators of incomparable value, offering the highest possible guarantee of food quality and origin for the Italian products that are featured.

Dedicated sections of the portal provide in depth information, not only on products, but also on a vast array of services such as financial resources, certifications for quality and sustainability, legal counsel, in addition to assistance in technical, administrative, and customs issues, not to mention institutional and corporate communication.

GIFT opens international markets to Italian excellence allowing companies at the global level, through the constant connection to a myriad of benefits, to increase their business volumes following a common thread, trade in only the best Italian products on the market, and using the most effective marketing tools available.

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