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To Address New Market Trends

Granarolo has reached an agreement with Amalattea over a partnership that includes the acquisition of a minority share in the company’s capital. Granarolo is the number one player in Italy’s dairy and cheese industry of entirely Italian ownership, while Amalattea is the largest domestic producer of goat milk and its derivatives.

The partnership will allow access to the crucial goat milk sector, which has seen dynamic and constant expansion particularly abroad due to an upward trend in consumption. “The deal made today is a sign of the Granarolo Group’s interest in alternative milk and dairy segments, for which consumer trends appear to be towards growth,” stated head of Granarolo, Gianpiero Calzolari.

“With an important reality like Granarolo, Amalattea will be able to implement shared production projects, and in the field of research and development it will be possible to increase competitiveness,” commented Amalattea chairman, Maurizio Sperati.

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