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White Roman pizza

White Roman pizza, eternal tradition

White Roman pizza is a specialty of the Capital, recognizable by its unique features. Very different from the Tuscan focaccia or the Genoese kind (fugassa), it has a dry appearance. The dough is full of bubbles, while the surface shows a little amount of salt and small droplets where the extra virgin olive oil – used to dress the pizza at the end of the cooking – slightly flows.

White Roman pizza, a bakery product

Whoever in Rome looks for a typical white pizza can’t miss a visit to a local bakery. They can be easily found  through the warm flavor of its ovens, where the breads and the pizzas are cooked prepared, before being delivered to the bars and cafeterias of the surroundings. The ideal time to enjoy this experience is the mid morning, when the fragrance is still intact.

To eat what it is or stuffed

The white pizza can also be found in little grocery stores (known in Rome as Alimentari), where Cheese and cured meats are also exposed. It is usually cut into rectangles of 100-150 grams each. You can choose your favorite slice (thin or tall, more or less crispy), and decide whether to taste it like it is as is or ask for a filling, i.e. with an authentic Italian mortadella.

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