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White pizza, recipe for satisfaction

White pizza is simple and delicate like few others. The carefully leavened crust that is able to exalt all of its enveloping flavor is the hallmark of the white pizza recipe, which can be pushed further with the addition of mozzarella, or just with salt, extra virgin olive oil and rosemary. Pizza bianca (Italian for “white”) lends itself easily to personal tastes, and is an ideal snack or starter.

The care and genuine ingredients that go into white pizza reach beyond its simplicity. It is an optimal dish for dieting due to its low calorie content. Particular attention is paid to the yeast, leavening process and selection of each single component. Cooking also plays a fundamental role: prepared at home in the absence of a wood burning oven, be sure to insert the pan at the right temperature (this can vary, but is generally around 220°C).

The white variety, or bianca, is available frozen, or can be made by hand, accompanied by four cheeses, potatoes, as well as stracchino cheese and cherry tomatoes for an unforgettable gastronomic sensation. Creativity and experimentation is given free reign with this natural and harmonious recipe.

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