White Grapes

White grapes, fruit for the table

Golden clusters of white grapes are a happy addition to the Italian diet nearly year round. The 61 calories in white grapes per every 100 grams of this fruit is just one of its healthy attributes. Italy is a leader in the production of table grapes, with an average annual harvest of roughly 1.4 million tons. 70% is produced in Puglia, then Sicily (where they can be picked sooner), the Ionic coast of Basilicata, Abruzzi, Lazio and other regions to a lesser degree.

The most common white varietal across the peninsula is the rightly named Italia, coveted by consumers for the beauty of the cluster, its large globes and the unmistakable aroma of Moscato. This is followed by the Victoria, equally as beautiful, but with a shorter maturation time.

Even if grossly surpassed in terms of quantity by certain types, traditional grape varieties hold their ground thanks to the acumen of true intenders. Among these, uve autoctone are rarer but with great consumer demand – the white Pizzutello, Regina and Baresana are available in the month of September.

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