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Vinitalybio, Italy’s Organic Wine

Vinitalybio is the first international show dedicated to the Italian certified organic wine sector, and will take place as part of the larger Vinitaly expo from April 6th to 9th in Verona. It will be an occasion to get to know and taste niche wines that are appealing to an increasingly large segment of consumers. The products are fruit of recent EU regulations that have redefined the essential requirements for organic food and beverages.

The new European standard, which was launched in 2012, guarantees complete transparency, in addition to the high quality of the product. For example, it eliminates practices such as partial cold stabilizing, removing sulfates through physical procedures, electrodialysis, cation exchange for balancing tartaric acid, and dealcoholization.

The number of substances that can be used during the winemaking process is also limited to a list of 44 items, 24 less than COM wine, and some of these must also come from organic farming. Sulfur dioxide must also not exceed 100mg/l for red wine with residual sugar less than 2g/l, and 150mg/l for whites and rosés with sugars up to 2g/l.

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