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Vinitaly-bio Takes Shape

Next year’s Vinitaly, the par excellence event dedicated to the Italian wine sector has been christened "Vinitaly-bio", with ample space for a new specialized showcase dedicated to certified organic wines. The idea stemmed from a recent agreement between Veronafiere and FederBio in order to promote this upward trend. The first edition will be an integral part of the 48th Vinitaly, show that will be held in Verona from April 6th to 9th 2014.

“It is a project”, the organisers explain, “born out of the need to bolster certified organic wine according to EU regulation No. 203/2012 on its production and labelling, which came into force on August 1st of last year.” According to Nomisma’s WineMonitor, the organic wine sector in Italy is going through a period of enormous expansion with cultivation areas increasing by 67% between 2003 and 2011, and 6.5% of hectares dedicated to organic production (second only to Austria).

As for exports, the most important market for wine in the world remains the United States, with Italy coming in as the third player in the organic wine segment with a share of 13% of imports.

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