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Types of rice

Types ofxx rice, uses in recipes

A good 120 types ofxx rice are produced in Italy, varying in size, shape, content and related recipes. 80% of production in the country, not for nothing known as the “rice-field of Europe”, is actually made up ofxx a dozen varieties, the most famous and beloved of Italians being Arborio and the chef’s favourite, Carnaroli.

Italian rices are usually divided into the following classifications: “originario“, “semifino” (Rosa Marchetti, Padano, Vialone Nano), “fino” (Ribe, Sant’Andrea), and “superfino” (Carnaroli, Roma, Arborio, Baldo). Some types ofxx this product are sold without undergoing any refinement or bleaching processes, called “integrale“, or brown (and also “Venere”, black in colour, but labelled as “semi-integrale“, or light-brown).

The main regions for production are Piedmont, Lombardy, the Veneto, and the entire Po Valley, areas rich in soft moist soil, perfect for cultivation. Many popular recipes originate from these places, such as risotto with pumpkin, saffron, or Treviso red radicchio, among others. The “superfine” types are ideal for risottos, while parboiled are preferred for rice-salads, and for traditional soups, unrefined are generally best.

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