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Tomatoes Nutrition

Tomatoes nutrition, an Italian institution

The health properties presented in this amazing fruit make tomatoes nutrition a precious ally in the diets of consumers around the world. Italian tomatoes are eaten by people in Italy in literally thousands of different ways – fresh seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, cooked in any number of sauces, and even sun dried, an exquisite regional specialty with nutrition excellence of its own.

Tomatoes and nutrition are two words that seem so right for each other. To maximize their performance in the body it is important to follow some time-tested advice: Eat tomatoes when they are mature with a deep red color. Low in calories (just 19 per 100 grams) they also contain powerful antioxidants. Beta carotene and vitamin C, in addition to lycopene, which according to scientific studies reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, slows down aging and protects prostate gland function.

Tomatoes nutrition is further reinforced by this antioxidant – increasing its presence after cooking – facilitating digestion of foods rich in starches, like pasta, rice and potatoes, as well as favoring the elimination of excessive protein intake caused by a diet with too much meat.

Sun dried, off the vine, or in sauce, hundreds of years of Italian know-how tastes great and is good for you!

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