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The Secret of the Wafer is the Cream

Wafer cookies are an English invention, that is at least according to official tradition. The reality is, however, that producers of waffles and wafers of many styles were common in Europe from the 15th century, and that Lorenzo de Medici (Il Magnifico) is said to have made them famous among his guests during the highpoint of Florence’s culinary renaissance.

In Italy, wafer cookies are composed of at least two crispy layers, topped or filled with cream, and have found the able hands to turn them into a delicacy like no other. Though the practice of making this style of biscuit is widespread in the world, the wafer can soar to gastronomic heights, or be thrown into the recycling bin with the rest of the cardboard. It all depends on the mastery and raw ingredients employed in their creation.

True wafers grant a unique sensation as the softness of the cream and brittleness of the cookie mix in the palate. Italian master bakers have learned this art well, and produce wafers to satisfy any fancy.

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