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Types of Tea

Types of tea, instructions for use

It can be said that different tea types match different people types. Nuances, from pleasant and barely coloured green tea to black, are numerous and suited to certain moments, from breakfast to after dinner. The Italian public has long moved in an ancient land, specialising in recognising types of tea, growth, gathering and fermentation types and techniques. Thanks to this interest Italian tea production experiments were made, mainly successful in Lucca.

This drink, rich in flavonoids (able to contrast free radicals), fluorine, potassium, copper, iron and mineral salts is obtained by Camelia sinensis leaf infusion. The leaves most used and held best in taste and nutrition properties are younger ones, closer to terminal bud (pekoe). Harvest is made to wilt and dry. This operation concludes the production cycle.

Green, red, yellow, white, colour and look depend on just these latter two operations and types of must used: most product types sold are actually called “blended”, that is, from studied union of very distinct varieties.

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