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Italian tea, green Treasure

Over time, numerous attempts were made to grow Italian tea. Pavia made the first step with its “ancient camellias”, trying to grow in a botanic patch. Unfortunately no green tea was produced from “Camelia Thea Ticinensis”, and time passed inexorably till the early 1970s, the period Italians fell in love with cold tea.

If Belpaese discovered the ritual of this drink after Holland and England (whose firms carried the leaves as cargo fillers to intuit their commercial possibilities later), at the end of XVII century, there was a rush of careful appreciators of its intrinsic, special physical and “social” benefits (suited to conversing, meeting). The tradition to serve cold Italian tea is young but very important and widespread: after as many as nearly 5 decades, cool drink consumption reigns in the sunny Summer season.

At the dawn of the new millennium, there was a new attempt to move on, at S. Andrea di Compito (Province of Lucca). Here some rows were made along Rio Visona, with no fewer than 1400 plants overall, able to produce five annual kg of pure Italian tea: black, green and semi-fermented, tasting unique and exciting.

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