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Steep Fines as Deterrent

The consortium that protects Italian DOC Prosecco has enlisted a “special agent” to oversee sales and how the sparkling wine is served, reports GIFT media partner Distribuzione Moderna.

The Prosecco "agent" will have the task of inspecting and verifying the bottles served in bars, restaurants, and other places where it is sold. They will be inspections of the highest order, carried out in unison with the IGP, the institute that officially guarantees quality in Italy.

The 007 doesn’t have a licence to kill, but can emit sanctions that range from 2,000 to 20,000 euros, which in the current economic climate is a real risk to many businesses. Even retailers and public enterprises aren’t immune to the fines that have been endorsed by the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Forestry in order to combat fraud in Italian bubbly.

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