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SIAL Montreal, Italy’s Best Food

SIAL Montreal, scheduled for 2-4 April 2014, is the next stop for Deliziando, the promotional tour for Italian food products of excellence. The event is one of the most important gastronomic showcases in Canada, a market that constantly shows particular interest for Italian food. The previous SIAL in Toronto had 550 registered exhibitors and over 13,000 visitors.

This year’s SIAL in Montreal takes place in the largest French speaking urban center in North America (second in the world only to Paris), which recently signed an agreement with the EU for the recognition of the European certification of quality and origin framework (DOP, IGP and STG).

A number of producers from Emilia Romagna are ready to seize the occasion after a local delegation brought Parmigiano Reggiano and Lambrusco di Modena to meet 150 potential trade partners in the same Canadian city. Yet another company from the Italian region made a deal a few months earlier with Loblaws, the biggest retail distribution chain in the country, to supply some 13,000 cheese rounds per year.

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