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Obesity Day

Obesity Day, prevent with Mediterranean diet and physical exercise

Obesity Day, 11 October every year, is an occasion to think again on obesity, a highly dangerous health state, though preventable by correct eating, according to the Mediterranean diet scheme, and a little exercise.

For WHO, the World Health Organization, physical exercise lack and incorrect dieting is the cause of 3.4 million premature deaths. Because obesity and being overweight are responsible for 44% of cases of diabetes, 23% of heart disease and 7 to 41% of some forms of cancer. The debate on how to limit this epidemic is open.

In Italy it is estimated that 10% of children are obese and twice that, 20%, in excessive weight conditions. A trend reflecting bad eating habits acquired – accomplice, the invasion of broad junk food – and healthy activity lack. Incidence of obesity is similar (10.2) among Italian adults, while the overweight value is rather more incisive, equal to 36.2% of the population. People “off standard” grew by 3 per cent between 2001 and 2014.

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