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New Salt from Trapani

Italian marine salt from Trapani has obtained new recognition at the European level after the awarding of a new IGP quality certification. The European Commission granted final approval for the new IGP product, which will now be officially entered into the European register that protects DOP and IGP products from illegal counterfeiting. Produced along the coastal area which links Trapani to Marsala in Sicily, this marine salt is100% natural and contains no additives, whiteners, or preservatives. It is also especially appreciated for its purity by the canning industry at the Italian and European level. An enormous opportunity presents itself in response to the increasing awareness of quality and food safety, marked by more stringent controls, certifications, and guidelines that endorse only creations of superb quality, not to mention their historic and cultural characteristics. The new acknowledgement for Italy, which will allow this marine salt to become increasingly known to consumers, will also become an important means of promoting tourism to an incredibly interesting region, and as it moves across markets it will take with it the implicit message of quality and value of the Trapani salt flats.

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