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Finocchiona salami, types and ingredients

Finocchiona salami is one of the most traditional and exceptional types of salami produced in Tuscany. It is made using choice pork selected from pigs raised in the Chianti area in the province of Florence, though due to its popularity production has spread throughout the region.

Finocchiona salami ingredients begin with meat in the areas around the animal’s shoulders and stomach to create a superb texture during the grinding process. The name Finocchiona originates in the Italian word for fennel, finocchio, in reference to the practice of substituting a dose of pepper with the wild seeds of this flavorful plant. The gourmet mix is heightened through the addition of salt, wine and even garlic. The preparation is then stuffed into cleaned pig intestine.

Finocchiona comes in two varieties according to length of aging. The traditional variety is often aged for longer periods (7-12 months), while a fresher type, known as sbriciolona, is cut into large pieces and breaks apart wonderfully over bruschette and other starters.

Historic admirers of Finocchiona included the Medici and Machiavelli.

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