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Calabrese Salami, Ingredients Make Things Spicy

If there is one thing setting Calabrese salami apart from the crowd, the fact that it is HOT is probably the most prominent distinguishing feature. Among all types of salami, perhaps no other will so joyfully deliver a piquancy to your mouth or a tear to the eye in homage to the passion of the people who inhabit this southern Italian region.

It is no surprise that Calabrese salami ingredients begin with a healthy dose of red pepper flakes, which are blended with choice local pork shoulder, belly or head to create a unique addition to the pantheon of bel paese salamis. The recipes can further enriched by wild fennel, garlic and even reduced bell peppers.

Spicy Calabrese sausage actually refers to an entire product category that includes such masterpieces as Salsiccia and Soppressata di Calabria, both holders of protected origin certifications, not to mention the flat Schiacciata Calabrese and the horseshoe shaped Girello. For those seeking the ultimate fiery experience there is world famous ‘Nduja, soft enough to be spread on bread.

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