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Reducing salt in the diet

Reducing salt in the diet through nutrition education

Reducing salt in the diet is an urgent imperative for health authorities. They can now focus on a powerful tool: nutrition education to children. A study in China has shown the validity of an approach based on educating the very young, able to comprehend and put into practice corrective measures, transferring them to the families.

School-EduSalt Research, on reducing salt in the diet, was conducted by an Anglo-Chinese team of researchers in Beijing and London. The project involved 279 primary school students in a northern city, Changzhi. Some pupils, about 10 years old, followed for three and a half months a series of informative meetings regarding the harmful effects caused by excessive salt use. The others did not receive any input.

After the nutrition education cycle, the salt quantity eaten every day (being 7.3 g. the previous amount) was cut down 1.9 g on average by the “educated” sample. A success that tipped over like a “waterfall” onto their parents (553 people in their forties), who managed to eliminate almost a quarter from those 12.6 g daily intakes (reducing as well their blood pressure). In the second group, by contrast, consumption increased, rather than dropping.

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