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Italy’s 2013 grape harvest could reach a historic record in terms of quality and quantity. According to the latest forecasts from Assoenologi (the oldest Italian technical winemaking association founded in 1891), both public and private wine producers will be supplied with 60-63mln quintals of wine grade grapes, equal to 44-45mln hectolitres of wine. It is an 8% leap in quantity compared to the previous 12 month period, when wine production reached 41.1mln hl, data highlighted in an article published by Distribuzione Moderna.

The most important months for quality are September and October. If weather conditions hold, they will allow for slower and more gradual grape maturation, 2013 will be an extraordinary year for Italian wines. The continuous improvements in quality are part of a long-term phenomenon acknowledged by experts, as well as international markets.

2012 closed with a drop in export volumes, but a 6.5% increase in value on 2011, DM also said. The first half of 2013 has shed light on 9.8% growth for this parameter, with a slight decrease in volume (-1.9%), while the price per litre for sales of Italian wine abroad increased by 12%.

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