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The British government is busy re-calling “wine kits” from stores around the UK. The pre-packaged boxes were aimed at allowing those who purchased them to make their own “Italian wine” at home in just a few weeks, with many references to Italy’s prestigious varieties like Barolo and Valpolicella. The wine kits, however, are nothing more than a classic case of fraud, in which denominations connected to precise legal entities and production areas, as well as protected by the EU, are incorrectly exploited. European parliamentary representative for Italy Giancarlo Scottà even made an official request to the EC’s Executive Committee, asking Commissioner for Agriculture Dacian Ciolos to clear up the issue, reminding that the labels in question must be protected through a ban on bringing clearly fraudulent products to market. One remaining problem is how to intervene against the sale of such products over the internet. The online Italian food sector publication, Il Fatto Alimentare, features an in-depth report on Italian product fraud that stretches beyond Britain to include Sweden and Canada.

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