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San Daniele Prosciutto

San Daniele Prosciutto, Cured Ham

San Daniele Prosciutto is produced exclusively with choice pork raised in 10 areas in the center of northern Italy. This Italian prosciutto is made using freshly cut San Daniele ham thighs that must reach the small town of the same name in the region of Friuli, while they are still fresh, as no freezing is allowed.

Superb elements make this the perfect place. Winds descending from the Carnic Alps blend with those flowing in across the Adriatic Sea, providing it with an unusually intense aroma. The art is also aided by the area’s microclimate, which is regulated by the surrounding hills and the flow of the Tagliamento River. Drying keeps time with the seasons, and the only ingredient in the curing process is marine salt, with no other additives or preservatives. Aging is special due to the unique characteristics of this Italian territory.

With a history dating back to the Celts, this specialty has been appreciated by and seduced refined palates for centuries, conquering the tables of Doges, Popes, Napoleon and the House of Savoy. Today, 29 producers adhere to the local San Daniele Prosciutto consortium, with a production capacity of some 3 million prosciuttos per year.

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