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Prosciutto di Modena

Prosciutto di Modena, A True Italian Art

Prosciutto di Modena originates in a territory with an exacting gastronomical and culinary tradition that rests on Italian prosciutto. It is king here, with a history dating back at least to the Medieval period, when oaken woods rich in acorns covered the area. This favored raising swine in the open, allowing the animals to forage and move freely, sometimes even through the city streets.

Fortunately, the Modena prosciutto production process has been much refined over the centuries, but the imprint of quality pork in local cooking remains indelible with the native protected origin prociutto DOP. This prosciutto is sanguine in color, delicate in taste and pleasingly fragrant. It is aged in the hills along the river Panaro, which flows into the Po in the Emilia Romagna region, a famous food paradise.

Prosciutto di Modena is one of the finest examples of unparalleled Italian ability in curing meat, and has remained unchallenged since its explosion on the world stage some 40 years ago. It has low fat content, and can be produced without preservatives and other additives, making it popular with consumers looking for a healthy source of protein in their diets. Italian prosciutto from Modena is no exception to the rule.

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