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Product Quality Recognised Globally

Sambuca Molinari is the most well known sweet Italian liquor in the world. It is produced solely with quality ingredients to deliver its refined flavor, and with careful production techniques that satisfy both product quality standards, as well as those for production processes. The company’s facilities are equipped with advanced machinery operating under conditions of maximum safety and hygiene according to the requirements of ISO9000/2001.

These unique characteristics make Sambuca Molinari a truly rare and superior liquor, as confirmed by the EXTRA product registration, indicating the finest product quality. Today, Molinari is a world leader in the Sambuca market with 6,250,000 litres sold (from IWSR 2013 on volumes for the previous year). The same is true for sales within Italy, where in 2012 4,200,000 were consumed.

In the Italian liquor sector, Molinari contends for outright leadership only with Campari (data from Nielsen DG2013). Taken as a whole, in recent years Molinari’s sales have surpassed 9,500,000 bottles with earnings reaching over 72 million euros.


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