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Sambuca Extra Molinari is a strong yet sweet liquor derived from essential oils obtained from steam distilling star anise seeds (conferring a pronounced aroma of aniseed on the product) which are then dissolved into a pure alcohol solution to which concentrated sugar, and the mix of Molinari’s closely guarded recipe of finest natural aromas is added.
Molinari Sambuca is produced with ingredients of select quality and esteemed value, with strictly controlled technical processes which satisfy the highest sector standards in terms of innovation, hygiene and safety (ISO 9000/2001).
These characteristics help make Molinari Sambuca a distinguished product to the point of confirming itself as an Extra, that is with characteristics which place it among the finest liquors.
Molinari Sambuca is a leader in both the Italian and international markets with sales of some 9.5 million bottles in 2012 (2.73 mln. of which abroad) and 72 mln. in turnover.

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