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Probiotics Benefits, Surprising New Discoveries

Research into probiotics and their health benefits sees Italy as Europe’s No.1 in terms of number of studies published (671), and second in the world after the United States (1,500). The literature documents the possible correlation between the consumption of probiotics and benefits to the gastrointestinal tract, relieving undesirable symptoms in both children and adults, everything from diarrhea to constipation.

Probiotics have also shown themselves to be a powerful pacifier for irritable bowels, as well as chronic inflammation of the intestines. Other evidence even points to a regulation of the immune system with a positive impact on common colds and allergies.

The studies presented to the European Food Safety Authority are still considered insufficient in light of official instructions for use, but progress is being made. The only health claim currently allowed is “favors intestinal flora”, which was also approved in Italy, on the basis of traditional probiotic use.

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