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Pizza and figs

Pizza and figs, from Rome with love

Pizza and figs. This mid-morning snack used to be common in Rome, as a cheap and convenient solution to appease hunger. Over the last decades Italian Prosciutto has been added to the recipe, thus providing  a nutritious summer delight, the Roman meal-to-go. Carbohydrates, proteins and fibers, with approximately 500 calories per serving.

The right mix of pizza and figs

At the beginning, pizza and figs was just the result of adding the fresh fruits to a slice of warm bread or focaccia. Whereas nowadays the recipe is has become more tasteful. It strictly envisions the use of white Roman pizza seasoned only with extra virgin olive oil and salt (in large grains, on the surface). For the other essential ingredient, figs, either the light and dark varieties suit well. With attention in choosing ripe, sugary and soft fruits.

Pizza and figs. And Prosciutto

To complement the delicacy it is nowadays common to add Prosciutto, whose salty flavor is brilliantly matched with the sweetness of the fruit. The best Italian choice is a Prosciutto di Parma DOP, which is tasty and dry (whereas a San Daniele Prosciutto would result to be too sweet for this recipe).

The traditional composition

In order to make the original pizza and figs, you can just open the pizza “booklet” spread the open figs. If the fruits come from an untreated tree (i.e. organic, or directly caught from one of the many trees that enrich private gardens in Italy) you can leave the skin, which is tender and almost imperceptible. Otherwise, it is advisable to peel the figs. When completing the work, just add a few slices of ham under the fruit cover, close the pizza and press it slightly.

An extraordinary taste, for a nutritious meal

Enjoying a pizza and figs well done is an unforgettable experience. In order not to exceed the doses it will be useful to remember that 100 g of white Roman pizza is worth about 300 calories, while other 47 kcal are to given from 100 grams of figs and 268 kcal from 100 g of Prosciutto di Parma. (1)




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